My passion for optimum health keeps me devoted to sharing my knowledge with others. I take great pride in coaching, guiding and motivating people to successfully lead an active and healthy lifestyle. My goal is to assist each and everyone I come in contact with to maintain those results if they so desire.


The Road to Happiness

Ever wonder why we are so miserable and often act out without provocation? The answer is simple. We have not addressed our passions and the things that make us glow. Several years ago my daughter came to me to share some information she had gotten from a book. [ Read More…]

Coffee Substitutes

Many people love coffee but cannot tolerate it or are allergic to it. Most of us love the rich smell of coffee, the feeling of greatness it gives us in the morning. We know that we cannot step out of the house without that cup of strong smelling brew. [Read More…]

The Benefits of Tea

Tea is to the mind and to the body but it may not mean a thing to you. Tea may soothe someone’s hurt feelings whereas it may bring you nostalgia of a forgotten past. Tea may be of health benefit to you whereas it may create havoc in my system. [Read More…]

The Power of Love

Recently my friend Isabella called me and left me a message on my voicemail that I needed to call her. She stated that she had something personal she needed to discuss with me. I knew it was important by the tone of her voice. So I waited until I was completely free to call her back. [Read More…]

The Magic of Music

Do you ever ask yourself if you were a musician in another life? Do you ever question why you love music so much? Do you ever feel that you should have been a great singer or a great instrumentalist? [Read More…]


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