Baking Your Own Bread


Are you interested in baking your own bread but don’t want to do it from scratch? Well, let me suggest to you an easy way to exercise your skills. It is easy, economical and time-efficient.

I recently bought a case of 6 boxes of Hodgson Mill 9 grains bread mix. This was going to be my first time baking bread from a mix. I used to bake bread from scratch many years ago when my kids were very young. I got too busy afterwards and I let the practice go.

So, the first time I baked the bread, I followed the recipe exactly the way it was written on the box. The following five times, I altered it the way I felt that day by adding more oil/less water or more water/less oil. I either increased or decreased the rising time just to see what would happen. I kneaded it with my hands because I do not have a bread machine.

The result was stupendous in all counts. The taste was wholesome and awesome. I have to admit that I did not exercise portion control.

There are many brands out there and many varieties of bread to choose from. So why not give it a try when you have some free time?

Enjoy your own creation!!!!


2 thoughts on “Baking Your Own Bread

  1. Yah Hodgson Mill’s 9 grains bread is the bomb! I brought a 6 pack from Amazon for only like $13 and omg was it good. With real butter and a cup of coffee, i’m in HEAVEN. Seriously, all i need now is a log cabin with a huge fireplace to feel like I’m living in a “little house on the prairie” world. lmao 😉

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