Family and Friends

The two important “F” in people’s life are family and friends. No matter how aggravated we may get at frustrating incidents, it is a known fact that we all need family and friends to lead a healthy life. Does it mean that we have to put up with insults, pettiness, jealousy, envy and other negative behaviors in order to keep them by us? No. It is not at all about it.

Family and friends are companionship outlets. They are moral, physical, emotional, financial and educational support that we all can benefit by. They provide the solace we need when we are down and out. They encourage us to move forward when we encounter obstacles on the road. They spur us to greatness just when we thought we did not have it in us to make it. They help us financially when we are in a bind and see no way out. They assist us in our studies when we did not fully understand what the professor was trying to say. They babysit when we have nobody available. They partake of our joys when we have accomplished a milestone. Family and friends are there for celebrations of all kinds and they are our backbone.

A lonely road is depressing, unhealthy and destructive and not to be envied. In the end, the key to finding joy and peace is to choose to hang out with the friends that carry the same values than us and the family members that we have things in common with.

May family and friends bring you love, wisdom and happiness!!!!


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