Tips For Your Next Vacation

Are you thinking of traveling on vacation to a place away from home? Is it going to be in your home country or abroad? Well, allow me to share some tips with you, things that have made my travels very enjoyable and exciting.

  • Learn about the destination of your choice: its politics, climate, language/s, geography, history, currency, demographics, religion, music, dance, cuisine and its people.
  • Learn about yourself and what you are looking to gain from that visit.
  • Practice common phrases in the language of that country, for you will be much appreciated.
  • Understand the currency rate and where/how to convert your money to theirs.
  • Are you interested in their dances? Take a few classes before going. You will be surprised how much it will help you to enjoy their performances and even to freely participate.
  • Know what clothes to take with you according to the climate, culture and activities you intend to partake in.
  • Keep your mind open to the diversity in its foods and in its people.
  • Show appreciation for the smallest gestures of kindness along with the big ones. Nothing is too small to be grateful for.
  • Be tolerant of the culture and of its politics. You are not there to judge but only to have fun.

Most of all, let your genuine smile and laughter be your most valued introduction and continuation of your journey! Have an enjoyable trip!!!


2 thoughts on “Tips For Your Next Vacation

  1. These are very good tips. When I was younger, I had a few opportunities to travel Europe by car and train. And I can tell you every region had its own style and culture. Italy, in particular southern Italy, was a surprise for me, being born in England. Our climate, landscaping, architecture, and dress style are very different. Coming to the US was another eye-opener.

    That is the beauty of traveling for me. I envy youth today for their adventurous spirit. So many of them want to see the world; and they do it. I wish I could travel more, but my body is no longer how it used to be.

    I have to add, when it comes to dress style, you cannot go wrong when you dress with respect and elegance. I see many kids today who pride themselves for their avant-garde and/or ultra-sexy style. Yet, when people give them the wrong look, they are surprised and offended.

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