Debating organic vs non-organic

My food shopping last week at DDPPXXVV supermarket was pretty eventful. I realized that I had never paid attention to the sign above the doorway: “We are cheaper yet as good as our neighbor.” I paused to read the sign and to let it sink in. It felt good to know that my store had my best intention in mind.

I then went in to purchase my usual items. I must share with you what I like about my supermarket. It has the most ingenious concept. I wonder why other stores don’t have the same. DDPPXXVV displays above each shelf a small poster that lists all trace ingredients in every food. I swear that I am kind of clueless because I really never paid attention to these posters. But that day must have been a lightbulb day because I was noticing everything.

I always buy a bag of apples. Apples are good for us. You do know the saying, right? “An apple a day helps keep the doctor away.” Today for the first time my eyes fell on the poster above my apples. And it read like this: “Fifi apples treated with lye, bleach, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, lawn chemicals, bathroom cleaner, hair shampoo, nail polish remover, varnish and hairspray.”

OMG!!! I did not know and yet it was there all along. I actually stood staring at the apples in deep thought. I couldn’t see a darn thing wrong with them except that they did look a little shiny. My Fifi apples! All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. I could actually feel all these chemicals raging a war in my body at that moment. I had a live movie going on in my head showing me that some allergies, intolerances and illnesses are caused by the above chemicals.

I left DDPPXXVV in a hurry and headed to MMCCKKTT down the street. There is no sign above the doorway and no poster above the foods. I kind of missed my DDPPXXVV until I realized that there was no need for the signs because the foods are not treated with anything. And yet, I was in for another great shock. Fifi apples were double the price. I really was in a quandary at that time.

This allegory reflects the debate over organic versus non-organic. Let us assume every person on earth is highly knowledgeable, highly wealthy and highly evolved. Now, insert the above debate and see what the result is.

I really believe that it is up to us to figure out what we want for ourselves and act accordingly. We might not be able to afford organic foods but we certainly must question what damage these chemicals are causing in our body. This is the age of “superbugs” and of “mutations.” People are dying in hospitals due to infections that the highest antibiotics cannot cure. My opinion on the matter is the following: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

And then, my Fifi apples whispered in my ears: “You feed the system.”


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