Love after 50

How many times have we heard that there is no love after 50? We are told that love is unique to young people who don’t know about life yet, that love is for dreamers, that love doesn’t exist or that after 50 people are just looking for companionship.

It is all true but it depends on where we are coming from or what our beliefs, feelings or experiences are. If we have been hurt in the past, love to us is harmful and therefore we reject it. If we have never loved, love to us does not exist. If we are blasé, we just don’t put any value on love. If we are looking for someone to spend the rest of our life with, then it is companionship we seek.

Yet, love after 50 is a marker in life because it is mature, understanding, acceptable and genuine. It can be all these symbols when young but after 50 it often lets go of societal pressures which may be finances, race, religion, color, social standing or nationality to embrace the pull of nature. At that moment in time, it is not an obligation to society, family or friends. It is simply a recognition that nothing really matters anymore but our own well-being. We no longer have to think about the kids we need to bear with a certain intelligence, a certain class, a certain look or a certain religion. We just allow the flow of energy to do its work.

Love is just that: Love. It is received with open arms without restrictions. It often is a choice of two analogous souls who have almost the same interests, the same likes, the same hobbies and the same joys. It brings two compatible souls together because they are ready to appreciate the gift bestowed unto them.

Love after 50 is affection, tenderness, passion, fondness and chemistry all in one package. It engenders peace because two compatible hearts are now intertwined. It secures pleasure because two souls are out enjoying the things they love best. It generates passion because the body’s needs have already been ascertained.

It is leisurely for it passed the years of hurried tasks, duties and projects such as during parenting times. It is wise for it recognizes lust, infatuation and selfishness for what they are. It is also discerning and aloof to what does not define it. It is sharing for the joy of sharing as it gets plentiful in return.

Love after 50 is endearing to all who are ready, willing and able!


4 thoughts on “Love after 50

  1. I am lucky to have met the love of my life when I was 20. I loved him then and I love him even more now. When I was young, my love for him was passionate and all-consuming. Today, it is still passionate and all-consuming, but it also is respectful, appreciative, and compassionate. When you are young, you know so little about life and that is reflected in the type of love the youth give. But as you get older, and experienced humanity, the beautiful and the ugly, your love evolves. It is the beauty of time.

    Thank you for your thoughts on love. It’s another inspirational piece. I will forward it to all my single friends.

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