Nature via Hiking


Nature has a lot to offer when we release the hang ups or fears we have against it. For many years, I was dead scared of lizards so even though I loved nature I would not go outdoors to the park or anywhere woodsy unless someone was with me. They say the more you fear something, the more it finds you. That was the truth for me. I felt like lizards were looking for me anywhere I went. They appeared on the floor where I worked, on my front step, by my car, on the outside walls, or by my plants. And then one day, I made peace with them. I understood that they have a right to their environment as well as I have a right to mine. So, my journey in the park started at that moment.

Hiking is such a great way to exercise. It not only helps you to release tension but it also helps you to bond with nature. If you have never hiked before, I encourage you to walk on a slightly graded level at the park for a few weeks until you get used to it. As you continue walking on higher levels, you get better at it and your heart slowly adjusts to higher altitudes. Go slowly at it because you are not doing it for a contest, rather you are doing it for your own enjoyment.

When you love nature you start choosing parks that fit what you are looking for. Some parks are about flowers, some are about huge pine trees, some are about trees and lakes, some combine wild animals, plants, flowers, lots of birds and lakes. Some areas barely have parks whereas some others have quite a few of them. If you love to hike you go about looking for places that suit you best.

Hiking alone is not safe. It is recommended that you always hike with someone else. Also you should always have your bottle of water, a fruit and some nuts with you, just in case you happen to extend your time. Once you get used to hiking, you start looking for places to visit that have great nature trails. Choose what fits you and your likes. As you know, we all have different things that appeal to us. You may like water, whereas someone else may like birds or plants or flowers. The important thing is to know what you and the person you are going with really enjoy, even though a little touch of adventure can do you good.

I can’t help but recommend two areas in California that I have found tremendous to visit. The exhilaration and sense of freedom they gave me cannot be compared with anything else I have sampled. McCloud Falls and Shasta-Trinity National Forest gave me great joy. I spent time looking, absorbing and communing with nature. It was like the soil, the plants, the trees, the earth, the water, the air and the animals were calling out to me and murmuring endearing words. I felt like they were enveloping me in their arms and sharing their energy with me. It is hard to explain. It was like a bond that existed between me and them that couldn’t be broken. I in turn expressed my appreciation for their beauty and my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of them.

Nature has a lot of beauty and lots of healthy treats to share with us. Our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and other senses must be attuned to the slightest offers. When we hike, we get to smell the earth, the trees and the flowers. We get to sample some wild fruits and nuts if we so desire. We get to hear the birds call out to each other and wondering if they are actually talking to us. We feel the cool breeze just when we realize that we are hot. We look at the river flowing and we wonder about the hand who created such wonders.

Nature via hiking gives us a chance to let go of all encumbrances and attachments at that moment in time. It provides us the inner joy we have been searching for. Let us partake in this delightful adventure when we hear the gentle call of nature!!!


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