My Journey 2 Spiritual Sovereignty

It’s time for us to start visualizing the world we want….what does your perfect world look like?  Spend some time developing this new world in your mind….either in meditation or when you have some time, like standing in line or waiting for an appointment…. or…. ……before sleep….or…whenever.

This is my vision for the world I want to live in.

Everyone is free to do and be what they want without the need to earn a living because a good quality of life is available for all.  If you want to be CEO of a business great….work 80 hrs a week….perfect…and if you want to spend your days sitting on a park bench playing music…great….all day every day…perfect.  All ways of being are allowed, appreciated and respected.  The protestant work ethic becomes a thing of the past and is replaced with a new age appreciation of the individual as a sovereign…

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