December 21, 2012 – What have we learned?

Salvatore Vuono/

Salvatore Vuono/

A dear friend of mine requested that I write something about the December 21 event which never took place. This topic is not part of health, wellness and fitness but it still has some relevance. A lot of us feel down, embarrassed, gullible or totally depressed because the alignment as per Nostradamus, the ascension as per all the channeled messages and the apocalypse as per the Book of Revelation did not happen. These are only a few of the prophecies that went around.

It is a touchy subject because so many people are involved in this process. For years, we have read books and articles, seen movies and documentaries and/or read channeled messages by ascended masters, archangels or other entities. All this bombardment of information stuck in our mind and made us believe in this event as a reality rather than a possibility.

The month of December 2012 became hectic for everyone who either partially or totally believed in this concept. There were several TV shows depicting a countdown. There were tons of messages coming through. Apocalyptic movies were being shown to captivate our mind. Books on ascension and consciousness-arising were being sold at a rapid pace.

And then December 21 came and left without a twinkle. Many people were left in a daze. They still could not believe that this mighty prediction had not taken place, this long-awaited ancient prophecy remained unfulfilled. How could such great beings of light have lied to humanity? How could we have been fooled into believing such a fable?

Mankind should feel no shame for believing what had been purported as a definite reality. A reality is only when it has taken place, otherwise it is a possibility. Those that feel they were too gullible should see themselves as grand masters because they had an image in their mind that the “sane” did not see. Those that feel depressed because just maybe they invested a lot of time, effort or money into this process should realize that they learned a great lesson on how the universe works. Those that were channeling and saw no fruition should acknowledge the mystical gift that they have which the majority of mankind cannot even fathom.

So what have we learned? Certainly a hard lesson! It is a lesson which hopefully will pave the road for us to become wiser. We have learned that we cannot believe all that is said to us. We have learned that documentaries and movies are half-truths. We have learned that ascended masters, archangels and entities feed us messages that can either be true or not so true. We have learned that channeling is a blind art that requires discernment. We have learned that authors and writers supply what they themselves see as possibilities.

I would be remiss if I did not say that I firmly believe that the mind who can visualize a world of infinite possibilities is that of a great thinker or a visionary. To let the mind roam where the body cannot reach is to have supreme capabilities. And when mind and body coalesce, it is that of a union that bears no thinking. It is the manifestation of the avatar par excellence. So, in essence, the “ascension” could be regarded as such a magnificent event. But it did not happen!

It is now time to pull back, re-assess where we went wrong and move forward toward a specific path, one of our own making and not that of authors, media, entities or seers. I know it is hard because when we dedicate all our time into a particular endeavor and see that it bears no fruit, we feel disconsolate. It is okay but it needs to be temporary. Time to pick up again but in another direction, letting go of assumptions! Life is a series of lessons. If we continue taking the same road, then we will face the same ordeals over and over again.

No one is at fault because we all accept what we want to be fed. Nobody forces us to watch shows, nobody forces us to channel and nobody forces us to believe in predictions. We do it all on our own volition. There is no need to place blame on anyone. Blame serves no purpose.

We need to look at things in perspective. If down the road while we are still alive, “ascension,” “apocalypse” or” rapture” occurs then we can attest that we were privy of such ominous data, but until then we need to move on. Letting go is hard but it needs to be done in order to have peace of mind. I advise all of us who still hold on, to search for a hobby that brings us joy and captivates us. Let us adopt this hobby as a lifesaver until it no longer appeals to us.

For myself and this new year, I have re-iterated a list of all the things I desire and I am applying myself diligently at this list. My reality is my own creation and nobody else’s. My mind is firm and resolute and I refuse to divert from my goals. I have chosen to lose some weight, to do more weight training, to do more stretching exercises, to pick up on my walking sessions, to manifest wealth, health, abundance, love and happiness. My plate is full and I therefore have no time to remain dazed and down.

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year, full of enjoyable prospects, ventures and endeavors which bring light, love, wealth, abundance and happiness!


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