What is life?

Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

Life means something different to each of us. It all depends on our frame of mind at that particular moment in time. At 20, 40, 60 or 80, we tend to view life differently. Therefore we could say that the word life is relative to growth and development.

Some people take life as it comes on a daily basis without thinking much about it, letting faith, fate or destiny take its course . Some others have short-term and long-term vision on how they want their life to be and shape it to their way of thinking. Others are very obsessed about what they consider a good life and they go at it in a very determined and purposeful way. And on and on…There is no right or wrong answer to the concept of life. It is all about where we are physically, genetically, mentally, intellectually, psychologically, environmentally, socially, spiritually, mystically and/or financially.

Life is not just about the act of breathing and existing. It is about our personal and individual accomplishments which make us who and what we are. It is about a vision of what we want or what we desire and the act of making it happen. It is about desiring good for others, sharing with others, family and friends,caring and nurturing, learning and experiencing.  Knowing ourselves and acknowledging our desires and wants are good determinants of where we stand in life.

Sometimes we get stuck at a particular juncture and no matter how much effort we put into it, we just do not see a way out. It is then time to pull back and reflect on where we have been and on how we can move forward. Life does not stop. Its essence continues to flow into us in order to spur us to the next level. Often we declare failure when a route taken takes us to a disappointment. We see it as a failure because it did not yield the results we were expecting. But yet, this route unknowingly to us promoted our growth. Aren’t there many things we learned from that road which we did not know before? It is our own journey, well-worth traveling.

So how do I see life? I see life from the moment I am born to today as a process of learning through stepping-stones; a process of a continuous climb which never ends; a process of working in the present toward a better future while just glancing at the past. Some people say there comes a time when there is no need to learn anymore and I usually respond that it is time then for me to die. I find that just when I think I have learned all I could learn about a certain topic, something else comes up to spark my interest all over again.

Let us take health for example. I value life as per its quality and not its quantity. I do not need to have a long life but I need a strong and healthy life. I practice a healthy lifestyle today so I can visualize a better tomorrow, which means that I work today for tomorrow. Am I guaranteed a tomorrow or a tomorrow full of energy and health? No. Yet, every day that I walk at brisk pace and I remain free of pain or of medical complaints I consider it a reflection of my healthy yesterday.

So how do I really view life? I can attest that I want all that life has to offer to me through my own efforts and of course with a little bit of luck added to it. 🙂 I value health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, safety, strength, diversity, energy, wellness, freedom, adventure, joy and most of all love and happiness. Each of these values takes time to achieve, one day at a time. I never desist, I just sometimes take a detour to come right back to my stated goals.

We all know that the future is not guaranteed to us but we still must work everyday toward it just in case we end up facing it. Consequently, let us make our present a clear and vivid reflection of our future, on an individual basis. Let us view each accomplishment of ours, be it small or big, as a step up on the ladder of the universe. Let us make our life a representation of our own reality.

Life is personal and it is relative but most of all, it is of the moment!


2 thoughts on “What is life?

  1. I like your view on life. Personal and relative is right. No need to beat the other individual who does not see life like we do. Tks

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