Need help with arthritis?



Last month my brother complained in front of me that he was having a hard time dealing with the pain of arthritis. He showed his fingers and I saw they all had some degree of deformation. I also noted that he held on to his waist when he slowly stood up blaming all his symptoms on this inflammatory disease.

I pondered on what to do next. My solution to health issues has to always be one of comprehension, not just the theory behind it but also the practical aspect of it. Therefore for me, observation and assessment go hand in hand with treatment. My family knows how determined and diligent I tend to be with health issues. They often don’t bother saying things in front of me, for fear I might suggest they change their lifestyle 🙂 So what I do is mention solutions to them, if comments are made in my presence and then leave them be. There is no need to ever try to impose one’s will on someone else.

Yet, I wanted to see what could be done to alleviate some of his problem. So I went into an experiment of my own. I spent three weeks eating foods that I had read about that caused inflammation. My diet consisted only of white potatoes, whole milk, 100% whole wheat bread, corn, oats, eggplant, sugar, banana, soybean and corn oils, sunflower seeds, pastries and cakes, white rice, red meat, deep-fried thick battered chicken, French fries, sausages, ham and dumplings. I have to admit that my salivary glands went on delight mode.

Well, pain in my left shoulder and left elbow caught up with me during my sleep Saturday night. I had no pain during the day except for soreness but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night taught me a hard lesson. Since I realized what the problem might be, Tuesday during the day up till today, I have been eating foods that are highly anti-inflammatory. I have three meals of a specific stew that I make. The ingredients that I use are: ground flaxseed,  sweet potatoes, canola oil, broccoli, turmeric powder, spinach, kale, carrots, lots of fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, green beans and asparagus. I also eat almonds, avocado, sardines and wild salmon. I drink green tea, freshly squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit juice and lots of water.

The result for the past two nights is unbelievable. I have had no pain whatsoever. I just lifted my left arm up and down and bent my left elbow repeatedly to see if I would get even a twinge of pain. Not a twinge. I learned with this experiment that beyond a doubt the symptoms of inflammatory diseases can be decreased or alleviated by diet. Those of us with years of free radicals, radiation, unhealthy foods, pesticides and the many damaging factors to the human body will show signs and symptoms of degenerative diseases faster than a young body. Notice that my body reacted quickly to all the inflammatory foods whereas a 15-year-old would take much longer to suffer their ill effects, but by the same token this same 15-year-old having a sports injury would benefit by eating mainly anti-inflammatory foods until fully recovered.

Now we know that the minute the physician says to us that we suffer from an “itis” disease, such as arthr-itis, spondyl-itis, burs-itis, tendon-itis and so on that we have the option to help ourselves any which way we can in order to decrease our pain and suffering. We realize that the disease is not gone but what we are doing is diminishing its detrimental impact on our body.

Life is about choices and choices are personal. Life is also about trial and error in order to reach the solution that fits us best.

Please feel free to view the List of anti-inflammatory foods.


2 thoughts on “Need help with arthritis?

    • It is a simple hodgepodge with all the ingredients mentioned in the post to match my taste buds. It is always hard for me to give a recipe of any concoction of mine because I do not measure. I just pour and I taste. Lots of pepper and garlic… 🙂

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