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Met a friend after longtime in coffee day, she was about to reach her menopause stage, upon talking with her she was complaining of irritable mood, depressed  or crankiness. When a women reaches her menopause, she undergoes a various imbalances in her hormones level which results in  above conditions. A calm and peace of mind is needed for every women at this age and this can be accomplished by concentrating on few yoga poses which helps in balancing the hormones. Certain  asana  are very specific  to certain glands, which  helps in pressurizing and depressurizing the glands  eventually help in balancing the hormones.  Make sure you know which glands are affected by which pose before you start the work out. Because it is always better to know the risk of the performing the poses if you suffer some  any particular condition  which is going to lead  you to achieve positive results.

Yoga Asanas

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