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As men grews older he faces various lifestyle changes and crisis both in family and work thereby reducing levels of testosterone and sperms. Many recognize this as a part of the natural aging process, but this is a form of male menopause called “Andropause”. It is estimated that overall testosterone decreases about 10% every decade after men reaches age of 30.

Because of this andropause, men undergo both Physiological and psychological changes in their body. The androgen gives men a feeling of wellbeing and energizes the body.When there is a imbalance in hormone they experience memory loss, fatigue, depression, mood swing, energy loss, increased body weight, decreased sexual drive, less sperm count, sperm motility, indigestion and osteoporosis. This deficiency is quiet normal to extent as a process of ageing but it can be prevented or avoided naturally by doing some specific asanas to control and improve secretion of the hormones.


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