A Night at the Nightclub



My dancing friends are originally from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India,  Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. We first met each other at a salsa casino school and then the friends of our friends became our friends too. We all love to dance and we are a happy bunch.

So when I got a call to meet everyone that Saturday night at our favorite nightclub,  I just could not refuse. We don’t go there often because it is too far for most of us. I knew I was going to have a surprise because all the time I was getting dressed and driving to the club, I felt cold to the point of shivering.

I entered the nightclub, greeted some friends that were already there and automatically started dancing the minute they played salsa. More friends arrived  and the dancing continued even more. The DJ tends to play 3 salsa, followed by 3 merengue, 3 bachata, 3 reggaeton and then to start all over again. As the night progresses, he varies it with a few cumbia and cha cha music. I usually take a break when reggaeton is played.

The DJ knows his stuff. His repertoire is of the likes of El Gran Combo, Prince Royce, Aventura, Zacarias Fereira, Oscar d’Leon, Grupo Niche, La Banda Gorda, Fulanito, Marc Anthony, Roberto Torres, Frankie Ruiz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Hector Lacosta and so much more.

My daughter who was at the nightclub that night did not tell me that my favorite bachata partner was going to be there. She had kept that secret away from me. You have to understand that bachata is for lovers so everyone tends to dance it nice and slow. It is a dance where you can actually merge with your partner in body and in spirit. My favorite partner is Puerto Rican and I tell you he is smooth. Only with him do I know the real joy of bachata. He is a stranger to our group so I had no way of knowing he was going to be there. My daughter in connivance with a Honduran friend had called him up so he could join us 🙂

As the DJ struck Pero No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti by Luis Vargas, I felt someone touch my hand and I turned. And here he was my hero for the night. OMG! The dancing! The swaying we did together with eyes closed is special only to the two of us. My daughter and my friends spent time laughing at us because we were like two teenagers.

My hero danced all the bachata songs with me and some merengue. Everything else was reserved for my group. The whole night I watched him standing close by waiting for the moment to come and ask me to dance before someone else did. We in the group try not to refuse dances from strangers unless we know the person cannot dance. They almost never get a chance to ask anyway because we stand close to each other and the group is pretty big.

Well, the party continued on and we all got to enjoy cumbia and the old-fashioned Electric Slide which only this nightclub plays. The night ended at around 5 AM when the DJ sweetened our heart with the song Inolvidable by Luis Miguel. It was time to say goodbye in each other’s arms just swaying to the music. The last song said it all, “Inolvidable” meaning “Unforgettable.”

Heaven opened its doors to me that night and I fell into its arms. Bliss took over and this special moment remains forever embedded in my memory!


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