Amazing Octogenarians

Yuichiro Miura/AP Photo/Bikash Dware)

Yuichiro Miura/AP Photo/Bikash Dware

Do you think that to be 80 years old is to be sick and bedridden? Well think again. Take a look at the activities of these octogenarians. They rock!

80-year old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura became the oldest conqueror of Mount Everest on May 23, 2013.

81-year old American model Carmen Dell’Orefice is the oldest working model in the world, modeling for the last 66 years and still doing the catwalk.

81-year old Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan was climbing Mount Everest last week but had to abandon it due to weather conditions.

81-year old Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno continues to be active on stage and on screen.

83-year old American Jean Stewart does the deadlift weight training exercise with 151 lbs.

83-year old American runner Clarence Hartley joined the 12th Annual Run in Roswell, GA on April 20, 2013.

86-year old German gymnast Johanna Quaas wowed crowds during the Turnier der Meister in Cottbus last year. On September 13, 2012 it was announced that Quaas will receive an entry in The Guiness Book of Records as the oldest gymnast in the world.

This is only a small list of octogenarians all over the world who are telling us that keeping fit is an important aspect of aging with dignity. My mom who is 88 years old sometimes puts my brothers, my sisters and me to shame 🙂

I raise my glass  drinkto all the octogenarians out there and I say more power to you!

See you next time with a look at some impressive nonagenarians.


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