Squash Garden & Squash Blossom Samosas (6 Photos)

This recipe is creative and sounds quite wonderful. Thank you Julianne Victoria and On the Streets of San Francisco for sharing it.

On the Streets of San Francisco

Though nothing like my little farm I used to have that supplied me with veggies, fruits, herbs, and green eggs (yes, there are chickens that lay colorful eggs!), I do have a couple of small plots in two different back yards to grow some yummy fresh produce. My zucchini plants are doing very well, so I decided to do something I’ve often thought about: make stuffed squash blossoms.

I love baking and cooking, but rarely do I follow any recipes. I like to be creative often making things up as I go. So today I decided to make Squash Blossom Samosas! I cannot give measurements, but the ingredients I used (mostly organic) are: olive oil, garlic, ginger root, small yellow potatoes, sweet peas, curry powder, a little goat cheese, and squash blossoms fresh from the garden. Yum!


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