The Secret of Dreams

Dreams by Kenneth Cratty

Dreams by Kenneth Cratty

Dreams are illusions. Dreams are reality. Dreams are personal. Dreams are fantasy. Dreams are consequential. Dreams are warnings. Dreams are messages. The Secret of Dreams tells us a tale of two worlds: the conscious and the subconscious. Let us take the road called Dreams and see where it leads us.

Often we hear people say they do not dream. The reality is we all have dreams but we don’t always remember them. So today I would like to address what it is about dreams that wakes us up sometimes puzzled, excited, sad, happy, exhilarated, depressed or scared.

Dreams carry their own secret. Some people say that dreams are dreams and that’s all there is to it. Indeed they are right because dreams carry their own message, be they senseless or meaningful. Dreams become reality when our mind is able to comprehend what we are being told and we are able to heed a warning, a message, a prophecy and so on.

There are many types of dreams. Most of them stand alone but often they intermingle themselves with other variables to make them puzzling to us. Discernment is the key to understanding them. Here is a list of the most common types of dreams:

1. Precognitive Dreams – These depict events that relate to us as the dreamers. They are there to alert us to a particular event in our own personal life that might take place. “Rosa sees a lake behind her house. The water is blue and very inviting. She decides to bathe in it. She hits her head on a rock and lands in the hospital with a concussion.” Rosa wakes up and discards the dream as nonsense and forgets about it.

Two weeks later, a couple of friends stop by for a ride to the countryside. She decides to tag along. On the spur of the moment, they decide to bathe in the blue water of the lake they are looking at, on the side of the road. Rosa ends up hitting her head and lands in the hospital as she had dreamed. Could she have prevented it? It is debatable.

2. Prophetic Dreams – These relate to events that will occur in the future to other people, places or things. “Mireille sees herself on a huge boat along with a lot of people, including some members of her family. A tidal wave approaches higher than the boat. There is screaming all over the place. The wave submerges the boat and everyone dies. And yet after that moment, Mireille sees herself up on a hill looking at all the destruction and the dead bodies strewn all over the area. She then hears the word ‘Krakatoa’.” Mireille wakes up sweaty and in a panic, thinking her whole family is going to die.

A month later, the 2004 Indian tsunami occurs.

3. Lucid Dreams – These dreams are specific because the dreamers know they are dreaming and sometimes are able to manipulate the dreams to their liking. That is an important aspect of the dream world because the dreamers have control of what is happening to them and actually get to enjoy the dreaming process. “John sees a man come into his room telling him to get up and follow him. John realizes he is dreaming. He stands up and says to the man that he wants to know where they are going. The man tells him that he is sent to show him the next place he needs to travel to. John decides to follow the man. He chooses to go in his own car and to be the driver. He enjoys the various routes they are taking. They arrive to a place that he does not recognize. He only knows that it is in an area with a mosque on top of a mountain and a catholic church close by.” John wakes up, smiles at the fun he had during the dream and goes back to sleep. Eventually he forgets about it.

Three months later, during the summer, his girlfriend suggests for them to go visit New Mexico. They end up in Santa Fe, Espanola, Abiquiu and John gets to see the exact church he had seen and also the mosque.

4. Epic Dreams – These dreams are so charged with emotion and with meaning that the dreamers remember them for years. They usually are so vivid that the dreamers feel the Divine or the Cosmos shared an epic event with them, be they a past one or one to occur in the future. These events tend to have shaped or will shape the world. “Sophie watches a man dressed in armor, riding a horse and exhorting his army to march to war. She sees him and his army in a series of battles and their conquest of a foreign land. She sees him riding back victorious and being hailed by a throng of people. She then focuses on the way they are dressed, the chariots being driven and the landscape which are totally from an ancient past. And then she sees written on a banner ‘Alexander the Great’.” Sophie wakes up and realizes that she had seen a whole movie about the past take place right in front of her eyes.

Sophie ordered the movie Alexander the Great from Amazon that same week and took pleasure in reliving the scenes.

5. Wish-Fulfillment Dreams – These are self-explanatory. The dreamers see in their dreams what they have been hoping for. These dreams can either become reality or remain in the realm of wishes. Of course, some people struggle against the current to make their wish a reality. It usually depends on purpose, faith, determination and the final variable LUCK. “Steve dreams that he won the Lotto. He calls every member of his family to share the news with them. He goes to collect his check and they end up having a mega party to celebrate the winning.” Steve wakes up knowing he is in the money and heads later to the convenience store to buy a Lotto ticket.

Steve is still waiting. 🙂

6. Recurring Dreams – Again, these are self-explanatory. These dreams repeat themselves somewhat in the same manner over and over again. Once the dreamers start recognizing that a message is being passed on to them, the dreams disappear. They also disappear when the dreamers fail to recognize that they are being spoken to. For the past two weeks, “Matthew sees himself driving on the expressway and suddenly his car veers the wrong way and he drives the car over the ramp. The car falls down below onto the oncoming traffic but nothing happens to him.” Matthew wakes up panicking every time but he does not know what it means.

A couple of months or so later, Matthew’s friend Paul encourages him to join him in this money venture that sounds very promising. The numbers really add up so Matthew signs up for it. He invests $20,000 because Paul told him he stands to double it in no time. Unfortunately, it was a Ponzi scheme. Matthew loses his $20,000.

7. Nightmares – These types of dreams wake up the dreamers in a panic because there seems to always be someone or something threatening, forceful or ferocious,  running after them. These usually reflect issues or fears the dreamers face in their daily life but that they have yet been able to resolve. And sometimes these nightmares manifest themselves into the dreamers’ reality. Many years ago my friend Pablo was an assistant manager of a supermarket in a very rough neighborhood. He was very scared of the customers and of the place in general. “Pablo is in a bar and he sees two men coming after him. He gets up and runs out of the bar. A chase through unknown streets and alleys occur. Every place Pablo hides at, the men seem to find him. Yet he gets a chance to escape every time. At one point in time, when the men reach him and extend their arms to catch him, he pees on himself.” Pablo wakes up in a sweat.

A week later, Pablo’s supermarket gets held up. Two men with guns tell him to open the safe. Pablo manages to forget the combination and when they threaten him, he pees on himself. Pablo recounts often how embarrassed he got when the employees had that special smirk on their face when they looked at him. Needless to say, he quit the job. 🙂

8. Healing Dreams – These dreams help the dreamers identify some health issues they may be facing that are unknowing to them. They serve as warnings to impending problems down the road. “Marie-Ange sees the inside of her fridge full of rotten foods. She decides to throw out all the foods. She fills up a pail with water and cleans the fridge. There is a man standing next to the fridge and he points to her abdomen.” Marie-Ange wakes up and wonders whether she is about to have another impaction.

She heeds the warning and decides to clean out her bowels by taking a laxative, switching her diet once again to higher fiber foods and drinking lots of fluid.

9. Sexual Dreams – Dreams of that nature reflect the lack of sexual activity or lack of affection in the dreamers’ life and also sometimes the strong desire for sex. Adolescents among others are prone to sexual dreams. These dreams call the dreamers’ attention to the need for fulfillment. “Suzie calls her ex-husband and shares a special and exciting night in bed with him. She is exhilarated about the whole episode.” Suzie wakes up in her bed alone and wonders how she could have called her ex, a man she can no longer stand.

She speaks to her therapist about the dream and the therapist advises her to work on her social life, start going out again and find herself some hobby or another partner.

10. Out-of-body Experience (OBE) – Dreams of that nature take a surreal road. These dreamers sometimes look at their body still sleeping while they rise out of it to fly to some other place. “Lucie sees herself sleeping in bed when two ladies come into her room. They beckon her out of bed. She lifts herself up, sees a thread attached to her body and to the one still in her bed. She leaves her sleeping body in bed and follows the two ladies downstairs to her kitchen. She looks at her daughter drinking coffee. She tries to reach the coffee pot and her hand goes right through it. Her daughter does not see her standing next to her. The two ladies give the signal for departure and all three of them fly out through the ceiling and into the night. They arrive on a bridge where a lot of people are waiting for this man to interview them. The two ladies introduce Lucie to the man. He asks her several questions and her responses seem to be well taken. The man tells Lucie that she is now ready. Then the three of them depart and arrive back to her room. Once again, Lucie sees her body on the bed still sleeping. She gently re-enters her body while the two ladies bid her farewell.” Lucie wakes up thinking that she is going to die.

A few days later, Lucie starts hearing people talking in her head and she thinks she is hallucinating. This was the beginning of her channeling abilities which became full-blown. Down the years, other psychic abilities developed and became a part of her life.

11. Spiritual Dreams – These dreams are epic in nature but with a strong religious overtone. Many dreamers say that God, angels or other spiritual beings visited them and spoke to them. These dreams take the shape of visions, so vivid and informative they are. They are not  easily forgotten. “Angeline feels an acute electrical pain running up and down her back. It is so acute that she remembers her dad telling her that if she was ever in danger, to call on archangel Michael for help. She screams ‘Archangel Michael’ .” Angeline wakes up and at the head of her bed stands Archangel Michael dressed in armor with a sword in his right hand. He extends the sword onto her back and the pain immediately goes away. Angeline knows that she faints at that point in time.

Angeline repeats up to today that she still cannot account for such an encounter. Was it a dream? Was it real? Was it a hallucination? A friend of hers told her that she had gone through a kundalini experience.

“Marie enters a cathedral in France. She sits in the back pew to pray. She suddenly lifts up her head and she sees a light formation at the altar. As the light gets bigger, it moves toward Marie and gently enters her chest. Then this same light radiates out of her and all around her. She then sees herself levitate toward the ceiling of the church where she sees angels extending their arms toward her.” Marie wakes up understanding at that moment the definition of beatitude.

That summer vacation, Marie chose to visit Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. She stated that she felt the whole experience all over again.

In conclusion, dreams are only dreams and they pertain strictly to the dreamers. The subconscious offers a glance at its world and allows the dreamers to take a peek if they so desire. After all, it is but a rabbit hole to the likes of Alice in Wonderland.

Well, may The Secret of Dreams help you discover the magic of your subconscious!


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