A brief look at manifestation

Businessman Under Money Rain by chanpipat

Businessman Under Money Rain by chanpipat

For years now we have been reading about manifestation and how mankind benefits by this process. Today I write about it as a reminder in our daily lives.

Manifestation is not about competition. It is not about my friend having a million dollars in the bank so I want the same. It is not about the next-door neighbor who just bought himself a $3000 flat screen and I want the same thing. But again, I am looking at this concept on a personal basis. Remember that we each have our own goals, personality and interests. So what works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

Manifestation to me is the outcome of something the heart very much desires and wants. It is something I am ready for. It is something I am willing to have which will benefit me one way or another. It is something I am able to accommodate in my life.

My family often laughs when I tell them I have learned that asking for Wealth is a death trap, unless it is accompanied by Health, Love, Happiness, Protection, Intelligence, Family, Progeny, Safety, Peace, Friendship, Compassion and Fairness. I tell them that I have seen many people with wealth and yet they are so miserable in body or spirit!

Let us not be fooled for a moment. Money is important in one’s life in the society we live. Too many injustices occur due to one’s financial status. People are demeaned, ridiculed, refused entrance, sneered at, laughed at, bullied or treated unequally just by the size of their pocket. So, I stand firm and say adequate funds are important in one’s life. I would not want it otherwise for myself. I would be a hypocrite if I said money is not important and in the process I travel, I hike, I go dancing, I shop, I eat at fine restaurants, I wear Lalique perfume and I eat expensive chocolates. Who would I be fooling?

Now, let us move on to the topic at hand, manifestation. I want to share with you some examples of my own life to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

  1. There are days when I myself need a little boost to the ego. Ego plays a role in every human’s life. It is all about a healthy dose of it and not in excess. I had an important appointment with a firm and I wanted to give the best impression. Well the night before, my mantra over and over again until I fell asleep, was “I am happy, I am smart and I am gorgeous.” The next day, while showering I repeated the same thing throughout and so on until I arrived at the firm. The front desk lady was the first to comment on how wonderful I looked. She had set the pattern right at the beginning of the process. The rest went so well that I was amazed at the results. GRATITUDE was a part of the process all along.
  2. I saw the river called Erasimos at Artemis’ temple in Greece and went searching for it. I now wanted to visit Greece but I knew it was going to cost me. So what I did was collect pictures from magazines, read about Greece, take Greek language and dancing lessons, watch videos, eat at Greek restaurants, join a Greek group and attend Greek festivals. Lo and behold, a minor windfall came through and I was able to visit Athens, Olympia, Kalamata, Mykonos, Santorini and several other cities and islands. As an added bonus, I got to visit Kuşadası in Turkey. GRATITUDE was a part of the process all along.
  3. Years ago, way before the housing bust, I wanted to move to another state and buy a house there. I perused the lifestyle in the city I was interested in, the houses, the customs, the parks, the restaurants and the price range I could afford. That city’s houses were so expensive that I told myself I could only afford an apartment, if I had roommates helping me with the rent. Well, it so happened I went there to visit the area. I stopped at a deli for a sandwich and right next to it was a real estate agency. On a whim, I entered, talked to an agent, who took me to see some houses but they were much higher than my price range. Days later, she showed me a vacant, dreary, grey two-story fixer-upper at my price range in a good, solid neighborhood. I bought it, repainted it, renovated it and some years later resold it at a much higher price. GRATITUDE was a part of the process all along.

So what tips can I provide for manifestation?

  1. Decide on your want, intent or purpose for this manifestation.
  2. Have faith once chosen that it is on the way.
  3. Start visualizing your want. Let us say it is a house that you want, start seeing it in your mind: bedrooms, baths, kitchen, patio, porch, color scheme, neighbors, balcony, ranch style, two-story, circular staircase, lake, pool, fruit trees etc…
  4. Research frequently, different house styles, colors, yards, neighborhoods, schools, parks etc…
  5. Collect in a folder images, videos, developers and their style of homes and everything else you find an interest in pertaining to your intent.
  6. Pray or do your own mantra for the house you want. Some people don’t need it. It is okay because manifestation is personal. It is not written on stone.
  7. Give thanks at every turn for all the help you are getting for free both on the physical and on the spiritual level. Just remember that the articles, the images, the videos, for example, are coming to you free of charge.
  8. Keep a positive mind. Do not be distracted by others. Follow your heart and let true guidance keep you on the right track. The work is being done for you in the aether and the universe delivers in its own way. If you are ready for the next step, it does materialize.
  9. And when it comes, it might not be what you were expecting but think carefully about the potentials and possibilities the Universe presents to you.

Often people say that they do not understand why this whole process has to be done in order to obtain something. I look at the process as the $100 bill technique. I desire some extra cash to go party. So I put a $100 bill on the table. I lay my hand on it, see it, focus on it and intend for it to double. When I receive an extra $200 as a bonus, I know it was created from the $100.

Finally, be alert to opportunities and potentials because sometimes we get the desired wish but due to the packaging we do not recognize it as a genuine outcome. In the end, we are the final judge of our own manifestation.


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