The Benefits of Diversity



The last two decades have seen an upsurge of jobs with the word diversity as one of the qualifications. I have viewed an umpteenth amount of job offers recently and I can vouch that the majority of them required diversity. My search was of course biased because it pertained strictly to the medical field but I can also state that years ago for the same positions, diversity was not a requirement.

So what is it about diversity that makes it so important in our society today? The fact is on an everyday basis, at the very least in a major city, we meet people from different states, different nationalities, different cultures, different ethnic groups or different religions. Living in New York City for example is quite an experience. Going to college there many years ago, I had the opportunity to study side by side with people from many parts of the USA and also the world.

The United States, among several other countries, by the virtue of being a melting pot harbors the world. It is a place of continuous change. People are thrust upon each other by the Above when they least expect it, in order to foment change. Often, we do not know when or where our next place will be. The Universe impels us at every turn.

Changes are intricate and occur second by second without us even noticing them. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. Everything flows in and out. Often enough we try to resist changes but they occur anyway whether we want them or not. And people who refuse changes are simply left behind. Those of us old enough can remember the days when there were no computers, no cell phones and no iPods among many other devices 🙂

We all act according to many facets in our life: finances, upbringing, race, color, religion, social status, education, intelligence, culture, neighborhood, town, city, gender and all. And so, the more exposure we get, the more open we become. I can attest to that. I come from a small island where up to my early teens I only knew my own countrymen. And then, I arrived to New York City and it was quite an eye opener. It is this experience which allowed me to date and marry men from different races, countries and religious beliefs.

Exposure opens the door to diversity when one is ready, willing and able, for as we know, we may have all the above variables and yet still deny that door.

So what are the benefits of diversity?

  1. Create a peaceful environment.
  2. Promote tolerance of that which is different.
  3. Discourage prejudices.
  4. Discover beauty in the unusual.
  5. Foster the need for knowledge.
  6. Open up the mind.
  7. Enliven the unknown.
  8. Encourage equality.
  9. Prepare mankind for higher capabilities.

And when humanity is aglow with knowledge, understanding, love, compassion and wisdom, Earth will finally be ready to enter the world of abundance and infinite possibilities for all! Until then, let us practice diversity to the best of our ability and make it our own legacy!


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