Blood Pressure Naturally


Ann wrote a few days ago: “Would you please write an article on lowering blood pressure naturally.” I am formulating the answer by describing what works for me and what has allowed me to maintain a normal blood pressure. Therefore this post is written in the “I” format. It is not necessarily the complete picture because we each have our own formula for good health.

Here is my process:

  • Garlic – Many years ago I asked my great-aunt Tata  (died at 96 peacefully, no meds needed) what kept her going for so long. Her response was garlic. This herb is used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, heart disease and many other medical conditions. It is due to the chemical allicin that it produces. I basically eat fresh sautéed garlic daily.
  • Affirmation – On my night table is a paper on which I have written in large format all the lab values and vital signs I expect from my body. Blood pressure 100/60 to 120/80. This winter I shoveled the snow arduously and I took my pressure afterwards. It was 150/74, okay to me because my heart had just slaved itself and demonstrated its hard work via a systolic of 150.
  • Stress deflection – We all know stress is here to test us at every moment in our life but we can decrease its impact in our own way. My method is to do the things that pleasure me. I love romance books, music from around the world (thank you Pandora and Spotify), learning different things, world mythology, dancing… The moment decides my choice.
  • Exercise – This is a very important component of my life. Some days I have no urge to go walk or hike out there. Well, I walk up and down in the house for however long I want. Lately, I have been doing yoga right in my bed. Occasionally I lift some weights.
  • Salt control – Salt is very important in our diet. I myself cannot see my cooked food without it but I consciously eat it only at dinner time. I am vegetarian minimum 5 days a week. My diet is made up mostly of natural foods but on some weekends I feel free to eat fish, seafood, or chicken.
  • Appreciation – On the spur of the moment, I take a minute to thank my organs for doing a good job. I acknowledge the Above and the Below for their support. My daughter laughs at me often and says I am a nutcase but she says if it works for me who is she to disagree.
  • Teas – My same great-aunt Tata always had fresh leaves available for a “tisane” as she called it. I vary my teas as per the moment.

Finally, there are many facets of our life such as age, diet, stress, chemicals, pollution and so on that may affect our health, but if we want to minimize the effects of those facets, we need to reclaim our health. We each have our own way that works best for us. Our blood pressure is ours to normalize the best way we can.

May our blood pressure be normal and our body and mind be in tiptop shape!


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