Blood Sugar the Holistic Way



Ann asked yesterday in regards to Type 2 Diabetes: “What would you suggest as a natural product to lower blood sugar?”

There is no simple answer to Diabetes since many factors such as diet, obesity, lack of exercise, genetics, stress, age, pollution and so on are involved. The first priority is to try to prevent high blood sugar levels by controlling the factors we can control, providing we can.

Here is my process:

  1. Garlic – I cannot stress garlic enough, except if one is allergic to it. The chemical allicin that is produced seems to act as prevention or cure for many diseases, including decreasing blood sugar.
  2. Affirmation – Know what blood sugar level you want for yourself. On my list of lab ranges, I have a fasting blood sugar level of 70-80, with an understanding that it rises after meals.
  3. Sugar control – A diet high in sugar, sugary drinks, cookies, cakes, candies and so on is a cause for concern. There is nothing wrong in having sweets once in a while but done continuously it leads us faster to diabetes. The pancreas ends up overworking in its release of insulin. Therefore, a better substitute is a fruit.
  4. Weight control – Maintaining a weight proportionate to our height is of help. Plus or minus a few pounds is not detrimental. Transient weight gain is not a great cause for alarm as long as we get back to a safe range.
  5. Exercise – Exercising is of great importance because it helps burn the calories we ingest thereby alleviating the stress placed on the pancreas to overproduce insulin and maintaining adequate weight.
  6. Diet – A diet made mostly of natural foods rather than processed foods is a recipe for good health in most cases. I balance my meals with natural seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, spices and herbs daily with the addition of dairy, unsweetened dark chocolate and so on.
  7. Bowel movement – A while back Vam, a WordPress writer commented that having regular bowel elimination has a lot to do with good health. I absolutely agree with him. There is a great sense of relief after a good bowel movement, thereby decreasing both mental and physical stress placed on the body.

Prevention and cure help us achieve a certain amount of peace of mind so we can attend to other important things in our life. The goal is to do the best we can, but in the end if we are unable to maintain an adequate blood sugar level, medications such as Metformin or insulin may be a better route.

May our blood sugar level be in the normal range!


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