Food Intolerances and Allergies

They say that age brings maturity and wisdom. Yet it also brings intolerances and allergies. It is hard to attest whether the latter were there all along and we did not pay attention to them or if they developed along the way. This is still a debatable topic, for which no one has a firm answer.

Here are some examples related to this topic:

Dean drinks beer on and off but not on a regular basis. His meals are quite nutritious. He has his share of the food plate or food pyramid. He complains that his belly is huge, bloated and sore. He calls it his pregnant belly. Dean was told to test drinking lactose free milk for three weeks. At the end of the trial period, Dean reported he was no longer passing gas. He spent days with frequent urination, passing large amount of urine and then went back to normal. His belly had decreased in size, was less tender, but what pleased him the most was that he was slowly bringing his pants up toward his waist.

Jennifer reports that more and more she is developing joint and abdominal tenderness. She is stiff and has difficulty doing the yoga moves she used to do. She has a hard time understanding what is taking place because she has a healthy lifestyle. Upon paying attention to her food intake, she was told to test the gluten free theory. She therefore replaced her diet of barley, rye, spelt and wheat as well as processed foods which might include the stated ingredients. She switched to gluten free breads, pasta, oats, cookies and cereals. She even made her own crackers by using gluten free flour. The result was astounding.

Mary states that for many years she has seen, dark skin patches on the sides of her feet come and go. She attributed them to wearing non-leather shoes and sandals. As time went by she noticed that patches still developed even with leather shoes. Now much older, Mary states that these patches are more frequent and make wearing sandals unappealing. She was told to pay attention to her diet and the very beginning of the patches. She therefore noted that a day after eating peanuts, almonds and cashews, she not only felt abdominal bloating but also an itch in her feet. The itch persisted and then days later the patches developed. Now she knew the culprits and tailored her food intake accordingly.

Juliet has had fibroids for many years but since they did not pose great threat to her health, she waited for menopause to set in, since she was told they would shrink in size. Years have passed, menopause has set in and she continues to feel the fibroids. She is now more aware of them because they pulse and ache daily. Her body has gotten more sensitive to caffeine and even though she started drinking decaffeinated tea, her fibroids are still responding to the small caffeine amount. Upon switching to caffeine-free teas, her fibroids slowly started responding in kind and she felt the fibroids less and less.

Christopher lately gets into a doom mode, like he is about to have a heart attack but nothing happens. He fears going to sleep. He has been told that his heart is in good shape and he has nothing to worry about, but the problem continues. The main goal is to figure out where this feeling is coming from? Is it mental or physical? It so happens that he had a large plate of spinach, meat and potatoes one night. When he woke up the next day, the doom effect was vibrant. Spinach and kale were the major culprits. He tested the new discovery and indeed it was so.

These are five examples of food intolerances or allergies but by no means is this the complete answer to the human body. An allergy test is the beginning process. It is up to each one of us to address our own needs and make an informed decision.


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