The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Discover the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. There are many styles of Tai Chi such as: Chen-style, Yang-style and Wu-style.

It was only last year that I started reading about it and following the trend. I used to see images of people doing Tai Chi but it was really of no interest to me. And then, I saw the movie The Last Airbender and I was captivated by the movements. From then on I watched many videos and slowly I started with a few movements here and there. I was hooked.

Tai Chi is also called Tai Chi Chuan. It is not usually a competitive art unless mastered for this specific reason. It sets the stage for you with slow, synchronized movements in a graceful and peaceful manner. You allow your body to stretch and your mind to float. It is not about being better than the other people doing it by your side. It is about the energy flowing through you and the pleasure you get out of it. It is about giving back to the earth what you have received from it. It is thereby a giving and receiving experience.

Tai Chi is uplifting because it allows you to forget temporarily all the problems that are plaguing you. It allows you to commune with nature when you are doing it on a grassy knoll. It defuses stress because all you want to do is to allow your body to synchronize with your mind. Tai Chi liberates you from constraints because for that moment, it is not about your afflictions and your sorrows, it is about how far you can travel to a universe full of stars.

Though there isn’t a great deal of scientific evidence to the following claims, Tai Chi seems to offer a variety of health benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression, improving sleep, muscle strength and balance, relieving chronic pain, lowering blood pressure and increasing energy and endurance, among a few. There is no limit to age. Everyone can join the party because it is not about competition. It is simply about the joy of communion.

Recently in the news, it was revealed that Tai Chi has quite a beneficial effect to people with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. Imagine that!

Discover the magic of Tai Chi!!!!  It can be a gift to your mind, body and spirit!!!!

If interested, here are two videos that have appealed to me.


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