Two Types of Exercise

We often think that if we walk, run or dance for 30 minutes three times a day we do not need to do anything else. It is certainly great that we are able to do so but it is not the complete picture. When we walk for example, certain parts of our body are being exercised and others are not. The goal is to be able to exercise all parts. There are two types of exercise:

  1. Aerobic exercises are vigorous and thus help strengthen the heart muscles and promote cardiac endurance. They also make us lose weight faster. Some examples of aerobic exercises include cycling, dancing, jogging, playing sports, running, swimming, or brisk walking.
  2. Anaerobic exercises help to build muscles and bone mass, enhance endurance and size, reduce stiffness, increase flexibility,  improve balance or enhance range of motion. There are two types of anaerobic exercises:

a.   Strength training such as weight lifting builds muscles, bone mass, endurance and size.

b.  Flexibility exercises like yoga, stretching or tai chi increase flexibility, improve balance and enhance range of motion.

Let us choose which style of exercises fits us the most so we can make it a habit and not a chore!


2 thoughts on “Two Types of Exercise

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