Allergic to Latex

Did you know that you could have recurrent UTI due to an allergy to latex? For that matter, you could also have recurrent vaginitis due to diaphragms or condoms if they are made of latex. Yes, indeed, latex is a big culprit for those who cannot tolerate it. Have you ever worn plastic gloves and later on found little pimples on your hands. You probably discarded it as just a rash but guess what? It could also be related to the gloves that you wore if they are made of latex.

Latex as found in nature is a milky fluid or sap found in the rubber tree grown in Africa and Southeast Asia. Many people are allergic to latex.

There are many health problems associated to latex. If you suffer from any of them, it is important to visit an allergist, a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatments of allergies. Also a good method to employ is to  pay attention to your body and to try to eliminate what pains it. Your body always tells you what affects it, both in good and in bad.

There are three types of noted latex reactions:

Irritant contact dermatitis is mild and it causes itching, burning, lesions, dryness and scaling of the skin.

Allergic contact dermatitis does the same as above but is a bit more severe and lasts longer.

Immediate allergic reaction is the most threatening complication because it may lead to severe cardiac complications such as rapid heartbeat, chest pain, low blood pressure and possibly death.

Here are a few products that contain latex: gloves, athletic shoes, balloons, condoms, diaphragms, swim goggles, hot water bottles, rubber toys, and erasers.

Latex allergy can also present itself when inhalation of latex particles has occurred during application or removal of gloves where you may develop runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes.

The best course of action when it comes to allergies is to discover the triggering culprits, to eliminate them and to visit an allergist. Health is a precious commodity, well-worth nurturing.


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