Pityriasis Rosea and Allergies

In 1999, my friend Juliette developed a rash that spread all over her body in a matter of a week and a half. The skin rashes were oval in shape, red and they itched like crazy. She rushed to her physician who diagnosed her as having pityriasis rosea. He explained that the illness is preceded by a single large patch which is usually not noticed by the client. Juliette indeed did not recall seeing it. The doctor told her that the good thing with the illness is that it usually happens once in a lifetime.

For a period of five weeks, Juliette struggled with itching and continuous skin shedding. Eight months later Juliette developed pityriasis rosea again. This time she recalled seeing the oval patch on her forearm. She found no need to go to her physician but she went online and did her own research until she fell upon one article that listed products and medications that could cause the illness. One listed medication was Pepto-Bismol and she recalled taking it for a few nights a couple of weeks before. As time went by, Juliette continued having pityriasis rosea on different occasions such as when she came in contact with lawn chemicals, bleach and Tinactin.

The last time she had it was when she intentionally tested her allergy theory. In 2007, she developed pityriasis rosea after unconsciously putting her hands in a dish that had detergent and bleach. Six months later, she intentionally put her hands in the same combination to test her allergy theory. The same oval patch developed and the skin rashes followed. She knew then beyond any doubt that (her) pityriasis rosea was due to allergies.

Juliette hasn’t had pityriasis rosea now for 5 years because she uses gloves for all chemical products. She also stays away from all over-the-counter medications. Now even though several medical articles say pityriasis rosea is not caused by allergies, Juliette knows that in her case it is so.

Health is not universal. It is very much personal. We each need to pay attention to our body and learn what makes it tick. An alternative practitioner shared his vision with me. He said that those of us who have allergies are being told by our body that we just got invaded and we need to take immediate action. In some cases, he stated, it may be fatal if we do not heed the warning.

Allergies are personal. As we each discover ours we are thus able to practice prevention if we so desire.


4 thoughts on “Pityriasis Rosea and Allergies

  1. Could you share if she has had any more issues with it? I have had it (for the 2nd time) since March 2014 and it is now November 2014. My entire body is covered with it and it really burns. Could it be something in my clothing? I have changed my diet,but truly have been pretty clean in the way I have eaten for the last couple of years. Could it be a detox issue? I would welcome any thoughts!

    • She has not had it again. Juliette is very careful with what she takes in or touches. In other words, she watches out for things she might be allergic to. She also says that what has made a big difference in her life has been the high intake of vitamin E daily through sunflower seeds. I recommend you read http://theholisticconsultant.org/2013/01/05/why-vitamin-e/

      I can’t say whether it is your clothing or not, but what I think is that there is something your body cannot tolerate. Only you can determine what it is. I hope I was of help. Best of luck!

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