Cigarette Smoking

There was a time when it was cool to smoke. Being seen with a cigarette was the hep thing to do. Men and women found themselves sharing each other’s smoke without a thought in the world. I admit that I smoked too back then. Those days are gone. I recently went to New York where I spent my teenage years and I was shocked to see that nobody was smoking in front of the buildings or while walking. I walked through many streets in Manhattan and nowhere did I see smokers. I had read several articles on that issue but I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

Cigarette smoking is a touchy subject. Smokers feel that those that don’t smoke infringe on their rights by preventing them to do it in their presence. Non-smokers feel that they shouldn’t get sick because of the lack of consideration of smokers. Most smokers will tell non-smokers to leave if they can’t tolerate it. There is no right nor wrong to this issue because we all feel that we are in the right. So, let us dedicate this article to those who want to make a change in their life or who are just considering it but are not sure yet.

There are many illnesses attributed to cigarette smoking. Our lungs are fragile. They cry when we flood them with toxic fumes. The only remedy they have is to expose our abuse through diseases. Our heart wants to beat strongly and unhindered but with smoke invading it, it screams out through illnesses. Every system in our body is affected by the 4000+ chemical compounds in cigarettes. When we inhale the smoke, we are actually absorbing the 4000+ compounds. Just think of it this way, if we were given a bottle of ammonia to drink, would we do it?

The effect of cigarette smoking is so widespread that heart disease is considered the leading cause of death in general and the leading cause of death among smokers. Cigarette smoke affects the body from head to toe with a myriad of complications. The unfortunate thing is that it also affects those surrounding us whether they want to or not. Most smokers will tell you that it is their health and they have the right to do whatever they want with it. Indeed they are right and one can attempt to educate them but not force them because the ultimate step is theirs to take. I recommend that non-smokers politely remove themselves when someone pulls out a cigarette. It is your right to want a healthy environment for yourselves.

Here is a list of illnesses caused by cigarette smoking. It is by far not complete but it gives an insight on what it is to inhale the smoke day after day.

  • For the brain, it is stroke and addiction.
  • With the eyes, there is a chance of macular degeneration.
  • The thyroid gland affected can lead to thyroid disease and grave’s disease.
  • The mouth and throat show their affliction through cancer.
  • The lungs tear up through cancer, asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cough, sputum or pneumonia.
  • With the heart, we see heart attacks and blockage of the arteries.
  • The digestive tract has its share of ulcers and cancer.
  • The urinary system also sees its share of cancer.
  • The male reproductive system cries out through infertility and impotence while the female system screams via cervical cancer and infertility.

Yesterday is the past and there was not so much literature regarding smoking. Today we know that our health hangs only by a thread, so it is our right to want to hang on to it and protect it.

So let us enjoy a smoke-free environment one day at a time!!!!!


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