Mental Health

What is mental health? What if for example a nurse were to tell a client that his health is a manifestation of his mind and if he wants to be in perfect health he only has to make up his mind in no uncertain term that this is what he wants? Would he believe it or would he just toss it to the wind? Would he simply tell the nurse that she is a quack? Or would he be avid to find out how he can order his mind to do the things he wants?

Yet, health is a state of mind. Preventive medicine is about healing the mind as well as healing the body. The latter is only a carryover of the mind. In other words, the body is just the physical aspect of the mind. Therefore it can be said that a sick body can be equated to a sick mind. The most important accomplishment one can make in one’s lifetime is to have and to hold a clear and healthy mind. This is a road that can lead to an ad infinitum concept of life.

The general misconception of health tends to be the physical appearance of health. It does not matter if under the make-up there are tears on the inside, or if underneath the smiles, there are scars that are not seen. The dis-ease is not spoken of until it becomes a real disease. This article’s aim is to show the awesome impact of the mind on the body, the cohesion of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual of the divine aspect of the “he” or the “she”.

Every person on earth has a choice and that choice is to decide if he is ready to open up to the greatness within himself. He must be ready to manifest his perfect health because it is what he wants and what he intends to have. He must be ready to reclaim his birthright of love, abundance and happiness. He must be ready to acknowledge his divine mind and walk hand in hand with it. He must be ready to manifest what he wants at will. Finally when he is ready, the holistic door will open for him because after all, preventive medicine is the essence of life.

I realize that those born with birth defects and those that are physically, mentally and sexually abused have a tougher road than most. Their plight is understandably hard to overcome. And yet they also have the capability to turn things around in their favor. Again, I know they have a tougher road and I am not downplaying their plight.

A few years ago, I spent time studying quantum mechanics which by the way I found fascinating. What stuck in my mind were two theories: “Consciousness creates reality” and “Reality is created by observation.”  Quantum mechanics has slowly and carefully been opening the mind of a select few since the 1920’s. It is a burgeoning field with lots of questions being asked and many definitive answers being found. One thing that quantum physicists all have in common is that they know that men and women sit on a pot of gold that only a very few have been able to unearth. That pot of gold is their mind.

The above theories place everything that man is on himself, whether good or bad. Man decides what his reality is. He is the ultimate observer. He sees what he wants to see, he knows what he wants to know, he does what he wants to do and he activates what he wants to activate.

People’s thoughts precede them in everything. Every symptom, sign, action or reaction starts with a thought. Their thoughts activate their feelings, their feelings activate their emotions, their emotions activate their actions and their actions lead them to the highest mountains or to the greatest pitfalls. However one looks at it, it all starts with a thought.

Please allow me to add my own belief to this whole theory. I believe in doing my part in everything that interests me. As long as I do my part to the best of my ability, I expect something in return. I do not desist until I have gotten what I have worked for. I also do believe that the mind is not the complete picture. There is an added component that one can call “God”, “Fate”, or “The Above” which mankind has no control over. Yet, the fact remains we must do the best we can in any matter of interest in order to expect a positive outcome.

The journey starts with the mind!!!!


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