Coffee Substitutes

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Many people love coffee but cannot tolerate it or are allergic to it. Most of us love the rich smell of coffee, the feeling of greatness it gives us in the morning. We know that we cannot step out of the house without that cup of strong smelling brew. We also realize that we have a hard time resisting it when everyone else is drinking it during coffee breaks. We just go ahead and drink it day after day knowing that we will suffer immediately or later on for it. Oftentimes some people do not understand when we say we do not tolerate coffee.

What is it in coffee that makes us sick? Some experts say it is the caffeine that we do not tolerate or our inability to process the protein in it. Our body reacts to coffee like it is a foreign substance it does not recognize and automatically sends out soldiers in the form of antibodies. The fighting that occurs is apparent in the form of symptoms such as gas, bloating, palpitations, shortness of breath, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, difficulty breathing, skin rashes, eczema, breast lumps, nasal congestion, skin rashes, hives, throat swelling or wheezing.

Coffee also has other debilitating properties. It is acidic and dehydrating. It causes insomnia and hyperactivity. Some people have told me that it causes them joint pain and they have tested their theory several times. Withdrawal symptoms from coffee are also very strong, such as acute headaches accompanied by nausea. Coffee aggravates the intestines, the heart and other parts of the body.

So what are we to do? For every problem, there is a solution. The choice lies with us. We can continue doing damage to our body or we can take another route such as coffee substitutes. I can tell you that the knowledge of coffee substitutes brought relief in my life. I no longer have to bypass coffee in the morning or the coffee breaks. There are quite a few varieties of coffee substitutes that are even better than coffee because of their invaluable health benefits.

Let me share with you the ones I myself have drunk and that I find wonderful and some others people have recommended to me. I know that most of them are more expensive than coffee but they are well worth the cost. Also, we all have different tastes so you may find your own trove that is just as great.

  • Teeccino coffees: Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, Dandelion French Roast, French Roast, Maya Chocolate, and Original. I love the Hazelnut the most but the others are just as great.
  • Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma Herb Tea. It is a strong brew that smells and tastes almost like coffee.
  • Cafix coffee offers a rich coffee-like flavor. I have not drunk it but I was told it is great.
  • Pero coffee substitute is a rich coffee-flavor brew.
  • Dandy Blend tastes like a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.
  • Yogi Organic Jamaica Roasted Spice Tea has a delicious aroma.

Coffee substitutes are caffeine-free, non-acidic and non-dehydrating. They offer many health benefits because of the ingredients used such as dates, figs, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, chicory, cardamon or almonds among others. I recommend that you do your own research by visiting the above coffee substitutes’ website and make up your own mind for what suits you best.

In the pursuit of optimal health, we all must face our own journey. So, may your morning coffee and your coffee breaks be enjoyed via a healthy and aromatic coffee substitute delight!!!!


5 thoughts on “Coffee Substitutes

  1. Hi! This is Flora from Butter Beans. I personally have stopped drinking coffee for the past month, and I have never felt better! It seems like some people can tolerate it, and it doesn’t affect them as much as others. For me, it has been a blessing. I drink green tea instead, and it makes me feel even more energized and alert (in a more sustainable way) than coffee. If I am really needing caffeine though, I will look to Chai tea, with a touch of honey and a bit of soy milk. Thanks for this post, allowing us to take a step back and assess if coffee is serving us or not.

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