I woke up this morning and my inside felt so good that for a minute I paused. It was a moment of communing with my body, my mind and my soul. This inner sensation of wellness made me want to say thank you to all the things and the ones who participate in my daily life. It is a long list because I am of a flowery nature like my daughter loves to say.

My sincere gratitude goes to:

  • The Above for giving me constant nudges toward health, wellness and fitness
  • The family members who support me along the way
  • The Internet for being available 24/7
  • The multiple authors on the internet who offer their articles and experiences at no charge
  • The authors of books on health, wellness and fitness
  • The YouTube videos that spur me to continuously move forward
  • The farmers for providing natural foods
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • The plants
  • The animals

And the list goes on…. I do not want to bore you. Thanks to all of you for this opportunity to share my joy with you.


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