Know Thyself

To all the Matrix fans, do you remember when the Oracle pointed to Neo the sign above the doorway? “Temet Nosce”!!!!! She told him it meant “Know Thyself.” Neo did not fully understand what she meant at that time. He doubted everything she said to him and he knew he was not The One. That scene was very important because it showed the fallibility of mankind. We all have at one time or another fallen on the side of the road because we doubted ourselves, we doubted our own judgement or we miscalculated a situation.

How many of us have erred on the count that we were led in the wrong direction? How many of us realize that if we knew yesterday what we know today we would not have acted in that manner? How many of us listened to a friend or a co-worker and ended up doing something that our conscience was rebelling against? We all have. It is what makes us all human. We commit “errors” in order to redress ourselves. Some of us come out unscathed and some of us don’t. Sometimes the same step that we take, lands us in the gutter while our friend who did the exact same thing just gets a slap on the wrist or none at all.

Know thyself! To me that is the most profound saying there is. I believe that when we know ourselves we know what we are all about. We know what makes us tick. We know what makes us cry. We know what makes us stutter and what makes us fumble. We know our fears, our passions, our likes and our dislikes. We know the kind of friends we like to have. We know if we are strong and agile or if we are weak and feeble. We know if we are introverted or extroverted. We know the kind of people we like to associate with and the ones we try to stay clear from. We know our inner make-up, our personality, our background, our culture and our taste.

Temet Nosce allows us to identify our strengths and our weaknesses which brings us a measure of wisdom. When we assess ourselves and we know where we lie, we are able to dodge the pitfalls that pepper the road we are on. We are therefore one step ahead of the game even though we know that we are a work in progress.

Know Thyself!!!