Meditation 101

Once upon a time stress and anxiety were dealt mostly with medications. The past few years have seen a change in treatment. Often our physician may recommend meditation as a remedy for our issues.

So what is meditation? Why does it hold such importance today in our life? Meditation to me is a state of complete serenity, peace and communion with the self. My method is simple. In the morning or in the evening, I sit in a lotus position on my bed or on my yoga mat on the floor. I then do my own improvised short prayer by asking the divine within myself to stay on guard around me and my surroundings.

Once done, I close my eyes  and take 10 deep breaths by inhaling with my mouth close through my nose. I hold on to this breath for as long as I can. Then I release it slowly through my mouth. Now I silence my mind and I allow all thoughts, sounds and stimuli to dissipate into nothingness. I visualize a cocoon of brilliant divine white light surrounding me, shielding me, cleansing me and healing me with its light. I hold on to that image for as long as I can without intruding thoughts, stimuli or influences. As I come out of this peaceful interlude, I thank my divine self for being a part of me and sharing this glorious moment with me.

At the beginning of the meditation experience, it is hard to keep the mind silent. Thoughts invade continuously and we have to regroup over and over again. As we continue doing it, it gets easier and easier. Meditation can be used in the format that we find best for ourselves. It is not the length of time that is important but rather the quality of that special moment that inspires us. There are days, I myself only have fifteen minutes to spare in the morning and that is good enough and other times I can spend 30 to 60 minutes just basking in that light.

Meditation is personal and is to be experienced in our own individual way. So may we find peace and relief in our heart and in our soul as we move forward in life!


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