The Magic of Music


I have to admit that music as with everything else in life is personal and relative. We don’t all love music because we do not all have to be the same. The French say “Vive la différence” for a reason. We are all unique in our likes and dislikes. That is what makes the world so great. So, I come back to music and I want to share the magic that I see and feel through it.

A few years ago, I remember vividly waking up early in the morning with a classical piece playing in my head. It was so vivid that I spent the whole day with the same piece playing no matter what activity I was involved in. I had to go look it up but I did not know where to start. I had no idea who the composer was. I  discarded Hayden and Handel first. Then I went on to listen to Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and I knew it wasn’t them. Then, I got to Mozart. By then, I had heard quite a few pieces and I feared I was going to forget what had plagued me the whole day. I walked away from the computer to allow myself the time to rebuild the piece in my mind. It floated in and I savored it over and over again.

Now, I was ready to listen to several clips of Mozart and finally I came upon the Sonata in C major K545 and I knew I had found what I was looking for. I spent days listening to this piece. There was a connection that I felt between myself and the sonata that I cannot describe.

Music is therapy to many. It can also bring sadness to those who connect it to a particular memory of times past. It sometimes brings tears to one’s eyes when the beauty of the piece is absolutely overwhelming. Sometimes there are no words to describe the kind of feeling and sensation that arises out of one’s pores.

Music is often uplifting when it is a catchy tune. It is soothing when it is an instrumental piece. I have seen people tap their thighs when they don’t think others are watching. Some can’t help but get up to dance when the song is calling out to them. Music brings two strangers together for a spin. It seduces lovers. It entices and it lures the strongest of us. It encourages mischief. It baffles the mind.

Music is universal and yet it is unique. The world shares its stash with us if we are willing to listen. Such a variety exists that we are awed by its display. There are many genres and many musicians to delight our ears. The choice is ours, be it classical or R&B, Bollywood or Latin, country or hip hop or again any other genre. There is something for each of us.

Treasure music and it will share its essence with you. When you are down, pick a lively tune. When you are in love, choose a romantic melody. When the world is tumbling around you and you see no recourse, music is there waiting to share its bounty with you. Allow music to fill the lonely moments.

Music is personal and it is of the moment. The genre you may like today may be repetitive to your ears tomorrow. Do not be afraid to venture out. The world awaits you. Music does not discriminate.

Music is an artistic and mystical cornucopia always ready to be sampled!!!!!!!