The Beauty of Spirituality

We should not let go of our faith unless we are ready to do so. We each have our own journey and it is that journey that leads us to the path we are meant to be on. Spirituality is personal and it is relative. By now if you have been reading the posted articles you will notice that my views reflect Einstein’s theory of Relativity in a broader sense. Everything to me is relative to each person’s life such as culture, taste, personality, social and financial background, nationality, race, gender, religion, exposure, genes, education and so on. How can we judge others when they have a different set of attributes? How can we even pretend to understand another if we are not wearing the exact same shoe? One perfect example is how siblings are known to be different from each other and yet they grow up together in the same household.

We each have our views shaped by the life we have had and all the other attributes associated with us, no more no less. Tolerance is the key for a peaceful environment. The most important achievement to me is to be able to proceed toward where we fit best at each particular moment in time. Nothing is still. Everything moves. It is a constant ebb and flow. It is a constant movement toward a destiny or path that we do not and cannot control. Yes, we do have dominion over many aspects of life but the big picture is not under our control. There is another hand out there that is invisible to most of us but which exerts its power nonetheless.

Having said that, it is time to ponder on spirituality because it means something different to each of us. For me spirituality has been a great added component in the last decade whereas religion was a part of my earlier years. As I broadened my thinking, I developed the desire and ability to understand other belief systems. I learned to become tolerant and thereby open up to the Divine.

Spirituality is a part of the holistic approach. Health is not just about nutrition. It is not just about fitness. It is not just about mind over body. It is not just about spirituality either. The holistic approach combines all the components in one’s life in order to make health whole.  So spirituality is one very important aspect without which we are left like missing an arm.

Spirituality to me is a broader philosophy and practice than religion because it encompasses and tolerates all. It does not force me or push me under any dogma or dictates. It simply lets me be. By no means am I saying that religion is not needed or that people should not follow their religious beliefs! I simply have moved away from one to understand all. I look at everyone no matter the race, the religion, the class, the color or the nationality as a part of the tapestry weaved by the invisible hand. Thus I myself stepped out of religion to embrace spirituality. Is spirituality the complete picture? For today it is. I cannot speak for tomorrow.

Spirituality provides us the tool to connect to the Divine in the way that fits us best just like religion but without the need for an intermediary. I often caution people regarding leaving themselves vulnerable to negative influences when they leave spirituality or religion to enter the mystical world. I encourage them to remain vigilant. Often the glimmer of gold carries a price tag that we are the least prepared to handle. The key to a safe path is to remain firm and ethical. Know Thyself!!!

So how does spirituality help us in the health process? It gives us hope, solace, compassion, tolerance and love. It assists us in the bonding and sharing of our pain and suffering with the Above and with others without a sense of loss. It gives the knowledge that the invisible hand is there within reach to assist us and provide us recovery if it is to be so. It makes us feel that we have a companion at all times ready to help us when we are in need. It provides us a direct link to the Above, like a thread held by both parties without the need of an intermediary.

Faith is ours to carry in whatever fashion we find best for us. The journey begins with us!!!!


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