The Road to Happiness

David Castillo Dominici/

Ever wonder why we are so miserable and often act out without provocation? The answer is simple. We have not addressed our passions and the things that make us glow.

Several years ago my daughter came to me to share some information she had gotten from a book. She told me that the author suggested that everyone make a list of ten things they like to do and out of these ten choose five. Then we need to choose three and finally out of these three, we have to pick a winner.

My daughter was like a sergeant that day. She insisted that I do this list in her presence. I had never thought of such a thing so it was kind of hard to comply. I had some serious pondering to do. As we all know, the life of a breadwinner, parent and student, leaves no time to ponder on things we like to do. We spend our waking moments running around taking care of duties and responsibilities instead of hobbies. My daughter told me that day that it was time I stop the running and concentrate on my own happiness.

I thought seriously about it and finally came up with a list of ten likes. I was able to round it up to five and then to three. These three were my absolute passions I realized. Of course, I had one winner but I felt that one was too limiting so I focused on the three likes. But guess what? These three likes were the exact  things I was not doing repeatedly but only occasionally. My daughter at that moment insisted that I let go of some attachments, meaning the house, the luxury car and other valuable possessions, in order to incorporate my three passions into my life. I had to seriously think again whether I wanted to take such a drastic step.  Ultimately, we all have an image to keep in society. Our family and friends do matter a lot and we like to know that people think of us as successful individuals. Our ego really plays a dual role in our life.

Let me share my passions with you so you can understand that I couldn’t let go just like that. They are: dancing, hiking and traveling. These passions require money and time. Was I willing and able to make such a drastic choice? I asked my daughter to give me a few days to decide. It is always good to sleep on things in order to make a decision.

Well, a few days later, I chose my passions over my possessions. I eventually sold and donated plenty. I became a minimalist. I was on the road to happiness. The sky was now the limit. My daughter suggested I enter a dance school and I did. I was now walking and later on hiking in and out-of-state. I was traveling nationally and internationally for pleasure. I had reached peace, joy and happiness. I had a young and quirky lifestyle and so, I dressed the part.

The road to happiness is relative and personal. We each have a different path to follow but still we can find it if we choose to personalize our own happiness. My road was drastic because I am Sirène and yours will be different because you are Mary or John. At the end of the road, the result we are yearning for is the same: happiness.

So, what are your passions? If you have not addressed them yet, please take a moment to think about them. Once you have figured them out, try to see how you can incorporate them into your life. You might be surprised to see how much fun you get out of it.

Good luck and may your road to happiness be a lively and endearing one! Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “The Road to Happiness

  1. Loved the post.

    Just goes to show how your daughter, being the authentic self she is, could set such clear focus on your happiness agenda. As you look back to the listing of your passions, how could you set your priorities?


    • Interesting question! I set my priorities as to be able to combine work, family life and friendships with my three passions. Over the years, I have danced, hiked and traveled whenever the moment was right. As a matter of fact, I spent today hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and it has been an exhilarating experience. My daughter was willing to do it with me 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting. Have a wonderful day! Sirene

      P.S. I just read your comment to her and she told me to also add that she is not thanking me because she is in pain hahaha

  2. I think your daughter is very wise, and I applaud her. Ever since I retired two years ago I did the exact same thing and found that I’m much happier now.

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